This is a humble extension that I’ve tried out, of a wonderful piece of work which I had read on a friend’s blog. Please find a link to it at the end of this post.


Dil mein arzoo ho gehri agar muskarane ki,
Nakaamyabi mein bhi vo shohrat dhoondh leti hai.

Manzil ka chehra saaf hai jo uski aankhon mein,
Pata-thikana khud-ba-khud dhoondh leti hai.

Itni guzaarish hai mere dost, tu maayus na hona.
Tujhko kya maaloom, teri muskurahat ko meri gazal dhoondh leti hai.

Kuch is tarah mohabbat kar ummeed-e-zindagi se,
Ki jaise teri har saans uski khushboo dhoondh leti hai.

Inspired by Ummeed at Nova‘s blog


16 Responses to “Ummeed”

  1. rashi Says:

    Wow! SIR, how do u manage to write so soulfully; please keep on writing, as it’s giving me reasons to SURVIVE in this world.

    LOVE, Rashi.

  2. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Rashi


    Praises – they simply exemplify the reader’s good reception of what the writer has tried to encompass into words. You’re being too charitable to call me “Sir”. And, I’d be more glad if instead of, it GIVING you REASONS to SURVIVE, it was ENCOURAGING you to overcome hurdles and LIVE LIFE optimistically. We’re born to LIVE & not just SURVIVE. Very much like they say, “Ummeed pe duniya kaayam hai”.

    Stay Good!

    Love, Viral.

    P.S. I’m sorry, I had to edit your comment in some manner. I hope, that’ll not upset you.

    P.S. You must read my post “In Awe” under the B+ category.

  3. rashi Says:

    Well it’s ok that you edited my comment. Anyways, I’ll just make sure that there aren’t any comments which require moderation now onwards.

    Love, Rashi.

  4. rashi Says:

    I read your “In Awe” in B+; it’s wonderful!

    love rashi

  5. mysoul Says:

    This is so beautiful, very hopeful, looking at light rather than darkness. :).

  6. Nova Says:

    Wow!!!!!!!! Brilliant Viral!!!

    You should probably publish a book of ur shayaris!!! Under a cool pseudonym 😉

    What say!?

  7. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Thanks, girl!

    keep good.

  8. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Mysoul

    I’m glad you visited back. And good that you liked it. Also that you rightly acknowledged the implication. I am happy.

    … Peace!

  9. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Nova

    haha lol… good way of assenting that extension (originally on your page), hey! And I hope that wasn’t an ironic statement from you, lol.

    If not “brilliant”, I wish it was atleast pleasant to sound, hear and read…. Besides, I’ll require to write thousand such shayaris before i can even think of book publishing.

    And moreover,

    Humko nahi shaukh ke zamaane bhar ki ronak ho,
    Dil ki tarangon ka, bas dil se lafz ,
    Aur aage kuchh apno tak ka safar ho!


  10. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Nova

    And hey, by the way, you can suggest any Takhallus (pseudonym)..

  11. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Rashi

    By the way, you can as well suggest a Takhallus (pseudonym).. 🙂

  12. rashi Says:

    Well I can’t imagine of any other takhallus than SIR, but you don’t like it, and if you are saying for myself then I like the planet venus. Hows tht?

  13. missy Says:

    May I have your permission to use your images of frustration on your website for a music video I’m making?

    Thanks, Missy Schmit

  14. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Missy

    I’m not the owner of those images. Incidently, I must have as well borrowed them from somewhere on the internet. I’m unsure of whether had I taken them from a free source or with permission from elsewhere. Hence, albeit that I’m not the authority to grant you the permission, what I could say from my end perhaps is – “Yes, you may use them”.

    By the way, what kinda music video are you making?

    Best, Viral Trivedi

  15. shiwani Says:

    Sorry for not visiting since long, but i was reading the thread and trying to respond with a good word, all that came to my mind was…

    Takhallus kya de koi aapko
    Huzzor hum to koshish kar kar thak gae
    Chah rahe thae aapki adaakaari ko navaazae
    Fir yu hua k alfaaz zubaan pe aa kar ruk gae…

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