Shadows of the later life – when the sun goes down…


A thought put on paper,
A stone put on heart;
Some memories lingering around,
Of those who’re apart.

A desire to live,
Though a desert full of sand;
Though darkness with just some light,
But with one sky that has no end.

A road never traveled,
A feeling never told;
Young at heart and soul,
But with age that is old.

A ship still sailing,
“Ready to sink,
Or, reach to the bank?”
– Is what is to think!

A pungent clumsiness,
A tree with hazel leaves;
An untouched emotion,
An end for all our grieves

Attainment of the second stage,
And, an unharmed success;
Availing welcome from the other world,
Liberation from all of our stress!

A reward for all our deeds,
All that we’ve ever desired;
An espousal of family and friends,
We wish we had acquired.

A strange and secretive fear,
An enforced pursuit for something mysterious;
Living the last moments in gaze,
While others waiting to take their onus.

An unsolved enigma,
A masked face of sympathy;
Eyes screaming silently,
A soul suffering apathy!

Scanning entirely,
Some banned expressions;
Some falsified promises,
And, some broken restrictions!

A sharp sword of negligence,
On our uninvited arrival,
To festive occasions;
“We are oldies”, as they say.

But, like Kabir has identified,
That, we all have been MANY from ONE;
And that, we all shall continue to live,
Until the MANY again becomes ONE…


13 Responses to “Shadows of the later life – when the sun goes down…”

  1. Rajesh Says:

    A good thought. It’ll be overwhelming if the young geenration can see through the reality of “OLDIES” and understand them in the way u have explained. Because in the cycle of life, there is always a turn after a turn, if it’s someone else’s today, it would be yours tomorrow.


  2. Rajesh Says:

    Very great lines of kabir saab and a lovely usage of the same!

    A ship still sailing,
    “Ready to sink,
    Or, reach to the bank?”
    – Is what is to think

    In reality, a ship is sailing in the middle of the ocean, just about to reach to the bank but still with skepticism whether this is the final bank, an ultimate destination or that it is just an interim hault in an unknown long voyage.

    Although with such skepticism of where shall it reach, it is sure to reach somewhere. And hence, it is more important for how does it reach than where does it reach. The desire is naturally to reach to the heaven… Therefore, due to this non-surety of the next occurence and coming events, it would be immensely valuable to receive warmth during the last moments of the current journey’s end.

    Warm Regards.
    May GOD bless you!

  3. Sameer Says:

    Man, I’m too much fond of philosophy as well as poetry and you have finely combined both of them in your blog. Specially this one has caught a lot of my attention.

    I owe you a lot of praises for this. A wonderful blog!

  4. Kaadambari Says:

    Simply too good, Viral. A perfect narration in a poetic manner!
    Your writing is worth calling it a masterpice. Seems, you see the worl with open eyes.

  5. Viral Trivedi Says:

    Sameer, Thanks for the praises & I hope to write more that is enjoyed by my readers.

    Hope to see you back!

  6. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Rightly said… It just takes you to look at the world with open eyes and open mind indeed… And the picture would be clear in heart!

    Even if a minor positive difference is made, it be a reward for me!


  7. Nova Says:

    wow! Loved that one 🙂 🙂

  8. Viral Trivedi Says:

    Thanks, Nova… Hope to see you back!

    … Peace!

  9. Viral Trivedi Says:

    Nova, you associated with Nirma Institute?

  10. janetleigh Says:

    This one rocks, too! And, I especially like the following lines, Viral..

    “Though darkness with just some light,
    But with one sky that has no end.

    A road never traveled,
    A feeling never told;”

    You have wisdom beyond your years..:)

  11. Viral Trivedi Says:


    From the two couplets you’ve written that you liked them specially; the first one – it’s so true, innit? It applies to all – the old or the young. I mean all of us, no matter as many possessions we have or we achieve – materialistic or spiritual, physical or intellectual. However, there is always this incompleteness which resides – knowingly or unknowingly. But it definitely does. And then specially when it is the time for the light of life to start shutting off, one starts amounting the total incompleteness ever having had throughout life. It goes way beyond in a cumulative manner and then is when the mind thinks to itself, wonders –

    Though darkness with just some light,
    But with one sky that has no end.


  12. Medha Says:

    A beautiful poem about old age. I was touched by the details you have captured about the thoughts going through the minds of an “oldie”. I hope this will make me look at the earlier generation with more empathy. I am already aware that it will be my turn soon, but your poem has made me more conscious of the fact, and hopefully more sensitive to my parents and their generation.

  13. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Medha

    Thanks for the kind reception of the prose… i feel honored! Lets hope, more souls arise!

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