Bhool Jaa!

a new beginning, tomorrow, optimistic, new journey

(I heard the below couplets some days back, they aren’t my creations.  But I loved the meaning of it and the message conveyed. Simply optimistic… too good!)

Kahaan aake rukne the raaste, kahaan mod tha, usse bhool jaa
Vo jo mil gaya usse yaad rakh, jo nahi mila, use bhool jaa!

Vo tere naseeb ki baarishe kisi aur chhat pe baras gayi,
Vo dil-e-beqaraari mein aankho se jo baras gaya, usse bhool jaa!!


A fair deal…!


I’d love your presence in times of woe
I love the way you looked at me
Also at times when you try to let show,
Impishly, that you’re not looking at me

I love the memories lingering around
I love the happiness coming through
With equal happiness they make me astound
That, despite hazards, we made us grew

We can feel us today, though we are farther
We hope and wish to come close again
When for a second time we can walk together
Some miles of togetherness to waive off the strain

We hope to have it mesmerizing this time
Rejuvenating the vacuum with the air of emotions
I’ll strive and struggle, to clean the grime
And to harvest memories of care and passion

But a guarantee is pre-requisite from you too
It’s an oath, an assurance, and it’s a fair deal
That, if you’ll see me from outside your view
We’ll make it possible and I promise we will…


This is a humble extension that I’ve tried out, of a wonderful piece of work which I had read on a friend’s blog. Please find a link to it at the end of this post.


Dil mein arzoo ho gehri agar muskarane ki,
Nakaamyabi mein bhi vo shohrat dhoondh leti hai.

Manzil ka chehra saaf hai jo uski aankhon mein,
Pata-thikana khud-ba-khud dhoondh leti hai.

Itni guzaarish hai mere dost, tu maayus na hona.
Tujhko kya maaloom, teri muskurahat ko meri gazal dhoondh leti hai.

Kuch is tarah mohabbat kar ummeed-e-zindagi se,
Ki jaise teri har saans uski khushboo dhoondh leti hai.

Inspired by Ummeed at Nova‘s blog

Time & Steps

In times of gloom
Or in times of joy
Time doesn’t pause
Time isn’t coy

Reality strikes
Time and again
Life has and will
Continue to bargain

Not for survival
Not for salvation
He who’s Solomon
Will perform the action

May the trouble
Despite delight
Light up our souls
To wake and fight

He shall fail
But then will win
He who listens to
His voice within

One day of success
One day of fame
Till then what matters
Is to play the game

Live it & continue to live…

Zaroori hai…


Kathin hai raaste magar, chalna zaroori hai
Lamba hai safar magar, tey karna zaroori hai

Apne sapno ko aankhon mein basaaye rakhunga
Aaj inme nami hai to kya hua, kal uska jharna zaroori hai

Hausle hil jaate hai raahon mein aksar
Par gir kar uthne ke liye, girna zaroori hai

Raaton ke sannate itne bhi nahi gehre,
Subah to honi hi hai, thoda intezaar zaroori hai

Iraade behek sakte hai, kadam bhi gumraah ho sakte hai
Manzil paane ka junoon atal hai magar, fir aur kya zaroori hai

Gar vishawas aur ummid saath hai to kuch namumkin nahi,
Aur hai bhi to uska mumkin hona zaroori hai

Jhoom uthega man jab sulajh jaayengi uljhane
Khushiya to milti hai sabko, par unhe rakh paana zaroori hai

Samna karo to Kuch nahi tikta der tak
Mushkile khud-hi to mitne se rahi, unse takrana zaroori hai

Jaanta hoon ki sabra ka imtehaan zaroor hoga
Azmaaish tabhi hoti hai, jab uska hona zaroori hai

Gar haarne ki fikra karu to shaayad abhi haar jaaunga
Mujhe to jeetna hai bas, marne tak ladna zaroori hai

Sirf baaton se kuch saabit nahi hota
Dum hai, to dikhana zaroori hai

Apni awaaz ko dabaneka main nahi aadi
Main zinda hoon aur zindaa nazar aana zaroori hai

In awe…


Possibly, my efforts might have been wasteful
Possibly, my principles might have really failed
Seemingly, the world might have come to an end
And apparently, my senses might have been jailed

So many things have not been going right
Life has fights and time is tight
There is no light and nights are really very long
Still, Thanks to God for all that hasn’t gone wrong!

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