Letter from the author

Subject: Declaration 

Dear readers,

I write what evokes as a thought (or present what I read around and like to collect). Hence, I hope that those things come to my head which are likely to be enjoyable for your reading. I’ve created this blog just to give home to my mind bubbles. This serves as a journal of my personal theory/opinion/ideas/philosophy/concepts put into words which are moreover delicate reflections of my mental intranet and the external influences.

I appreciate your attempt to drop a line of feedback every time for everything that you read here. The nature of a feedback could be appreciative or just critical or even harsh and that is regardless and immaterial (for me personally) because I believe in individual perceptions; and possess respect for the same.

Agreed, that appreciation is the greatest emotional need of humans, believe it or not. However, the fact itself that others are being judgmental for what one does, directly proves that people are at least keen on and are observing and attending what is being done. They would at times criticize expecting for better or to prove a private acumen.

Hence, I always respect the speaker for whatever he/she has to say on a particularized thing or act or work. And so do I respect all my visitors who come to this blog and spend a moment to wait and (perhaps) write a few words after reading. Such attendance is always awaited to return back and it is of more gratification than having people visit and read and just vanish away without marking their visit with putting their take on it in their own words.

I’ve been receiving comments and it is more than best that you all like what I write. Such admiration is my achievement. Any time of an occasion, if you don’t like something that I’ve expressed or ever have anything to criticize, do open a conversational comment non-hesitantly; I would discuss and clarify; convince or rather be convinced. That said, with your remarks if I feel that the point instigated really underlines a probable deficiency in my thoughts or writings, please try to explain and I would show up to be receptive enough and might get convinced. Or, I’ll perform all trials to convince you on my point otherwise.


Viral Trivedi


One Response to “Letter from the author”

  1. shiwani Says:

    Senor, me and I am sure others as well, are waiting to read more… Please do the favors…

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