Bhool Jaa!

a new beginning, tomorrow, optimistic, new journey

(I heard the below couplets some days back, they aren’t my creations.  But I loved the meaning of it and the message conveyed. Simply optimistic… too good!)

Kahaan aake rukne the raaste, kahaan mod tha, usse bhool jaa
Vo jo mil gaya usse yaad rakh, jo nahi mila, use bhool jaa!

Vo tere naseeb ki baarishe kisi aur chhat pe baras gayi,
Vo dil-e-beqaraari mein aankho se jo baras gaya, usse bhool jaa!!


13 Responses to “Bhool Jaa!”

  1. rachitkinger Says:

    I used a photograph from your files. I hope you don’t mind (it showed up on google images) and i really liked. you can check it on

    and btw really liked ur blog.


  2. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Nevermind, boy! I had also discovered it over the net through google possibly!


  3. Rajesh Trivedi Says:

    Vo tere naseeb ki baarishe kisi aur chhat pe baras gayi:

    This indeed is a very good thought of mind. Its really awesome. Also otherwise, there is a saying that – “Naseeb se jyada aur naseeb ke pahle kisi ko kuchh bhi nahi milta”. But one should not put down his hands. God bless……

  4. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ Rajesh

    Right ‘Pa…!

  5. yaake Says:

    Amazing lines, man! I loved them!
    You’ve got a great blog here… Keep writing! 🙂

  6. shiwuz Says:

    I miss reading your work… please keep writing, and please keep posting 🙂

  7. allirekha Says:

    I feel bad tht i donno Hindi 😕

  8. Chirag Patel Says:

    Nice lines. Can you please write in Devnagari lipi?

  9. Madhu Rao Says:

    Beautiful lines. Brings to mind a couplet I read somewhere about tears : ‘tears flow in to fill the void left by a loss’ and hence being our best friends — being there when you need it. Hopefully ‘Bhool Jaa’ as well thereafter.

    Nice Blog..

  10. Sadzoum Says:

    Adjust.. or dont fall in love!

  11. shiwuz Says:

    you have been inspirationally tagged!

  12. साइंस ब्लॉगर्स एसोसिएशन Says:

    बहुत खूब लिखा है आपने। अगर हिन्दी फान्ट में होती, तो और अच्छा लगता।
    सम्मोहन के यंत्र
    5000 सालों में दुनिया का अंत

  13. janetleigh Says:

    Viral, I love the photo! Hope all is well with you..:)

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