In awe…


Possibly, my efforts might have been wasteful
Possibly, my principles might have really failed
Seemingly, the world might have come to an end
And apparently, my senses might have been jailed

So many things have not been going right
Life has fights and time is tight
There is no light and nights are really very long
Still, Thanks to God for all that hasn’t gone wrong!

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6 Responses to “In awe…”

  1. Pinky Says:

    Hey viral,
    thanks for that wonderful observation……appreciated. Life is not perfect and so not are we, but the moments we seek life in between the actual life and our presumption of life , are blissful.

  2. shiwani Says:

    it made me actually thank god for all that hasn’t gone wrong… thanks for the realisation!!!!!

  3. Rajesh Says:

    Hey dear, life really has diverse angles and every angle needs to be visioned insightfully and fought for the best. He who can fight, has the chance to win but those who just find escapes loose it sadly. Really, “Thank God for all that hasn’t gone wrong”.

  4. Ritu Bansal Says:

    Dear Viral,

    Nice lines again! You write ur experiences with purity of heart. It is a rare quality, indeed. You deserve my appreciation. God bless!

  5. Viral Trivedi Says:

    Ritu & All,

    I’m glad you all liked it. I’m grateful!

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