… samjho sab kuchh sambhal gaya !!


ik hawaa ka babula, uthte hi pighal gaya
ik ummid ka paudha, ugte hi kuchal gaya

ik dariya ki talaash mein, aakhri saans talak
ik hiran tha, jo sehra mein chalta hi chal gaya

ik umra kat gayi uski… haalaat ko badal ne mein
haalaat se bojhal… becharaa khud hi badal gaya

ik cheez suni hai… dosti kehte hai vo jise
thukra diya aakhir, jab matlab nikal gaya

ik bachpan ke khilone sa, dhool jamaa karne ko
rakh diya tha maale pe, jab zara sa dil bahal gaya

ik chot si khudurti hui, jism ke libas tale
ghaav naasoor bane, man aukal-be-kal gaya

ik hasi ka gubbara, kabhi lab par aaya hi nahi
ik khushi ka suraj tha jo saher mein hi dhal gaya

ik guldaste mein sajaa rakkhe the humne kai raaz apne
na chahte hue bhi aaj dil unhe lafzo mein udhel gaya

… ik baar saans ruk jaye, fir samjho sab kuchh sambhal gaya !!


A fair deal…!


I’d love your presence in times of woe
I love the way you looked at me
Also at times when you try to let show,
Impishly, that you’re not looking at me

I love the memories lingering around
I love the happiness coming through
With equal happiness they make me astound
That, despite hazards, we made us grew

We can feel us today, though we are farther
We hope and wish to come close again
When for a second time we can walk together
Some miles of togetherness to waive off the strain

We hope to have it mesmerizing this time
Rejuvenating the vacuum with the air of emotions
I’ll strive and struggle, to clean the grime
And to harvest memories of care and passion

But a guarantee is pre-requisite from you too
It’s an oath, an assurance, and it’s a fair deal
That, if you’ll see me from outside your view
We’ll make it possible and I promise we will…

Shadows of the later life – when the sun goes down…


A thought put on paper,
A stone put on heart;
Some memories lingering around,
Of those who’re apart.

A desire to live,
Though a desert full of sand;
Though darkness with just some light,
But with one sky that has no end.

A road never traveled,
A feeling never told;
Young at heart and soul,
But with age that is old.

A ship still sailing,
“Ready to sink,
Or, reach to the bank?”
– Is what is to think!

A pungent clumsiness,
A tree with hazel leaves;
An untouched emotion,
An end for all our grieves

Attainment of the second stage,
And, an unharmed success;
Availing welcome from the other world,
Liberation from all of our stress!

A reward for all our deeds,
All that we’ve ever desired;
An espousal of family and friends,
We wish we had acquired.

A strange and secretive fear,
An enforced pursuit for something mysterious;
Living the last moments in gaze,
While others waiting to take their onus.

An unsolved enigma,
A masked face of sympathy;
Eyes screaming silently,
A soul suffering apathy!

Scanning entirely,
Some banned expressions;
Some falsified promises,
And, some broken restrictions!

A sharp sword of negligence,
On our uninvited arrival,
To festive occasions;
“We are oldies”, as they say.

But, like Kabir has identified,
That, we all have been MANY from ONE;
And that, we all shall continue to live,
Until the MANY again becomes ONE…



Like I’ve been always failing to pass
I failed again, alas!
Before I do, it goes done,
I follow it fast to catch up with, but backwards I run.

My misfortune hands me worried anxiety
He is not with me, The Almighty
Every time I strive to clear the mess,
What I achieve is downward progress

Like before, I stabbed to not give u trouble
But once again I gave u a chance to scruple
Again was I unheard and misunderstood
Unjust was not u, it was the preclude that was rude

Before you have me disqualified,
I moan, please dredge up the buried memories
When in your arms, I had cried,
Don’t then ever blame, that I hadn’t sighed,
To not untie the knot of “us” that we had tied

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