… samjho sab kuchh sambhal gaya !!


ik hawaa ka babula, uthte hi pighal gaya
ik ummid ka paudha, ugte hi kuchal gaya

ik dariya ki talaash mein, aakhri saans talak
ik hiran tha, jo sehra mein chalta hi chal gaya

ik umra kat gayi uski… haalaat ko badal ne mein
haalaat se bojhal… becharaa khud hi badal gaya

ik cheez suni hai… dosti kehte hai vo jise
thukra diya aakhir, jab matlab nikal gaya

ik bachpan ke khilone sa, dhool jamaa karne ko
rakh diya tha maale pe, jab zara sa dil bahal gaya

ik chot si khudurti hui, jism ke libas tale
ghaav naasoor bane, man aukal-be-kal gaya

ik hasi ka gubbara, kabhi lab par aaya hi nahi
ik khushi ka suraj tha jo saher mein hi dhal gaya

ik guldaste mein sajaa rakkhe the humne kai raaz apne
na chahte hue bhi aaj dil unhe lafzo mein udhel gaya

… ik baar saans ruk jaye, fir samjho sab kuchh sambhal gaya !!


16 Responses to “… samjho sab kuchh sambhal gaya !!”

  1. Grey Rainbow - स्याह इंद्रधनुष Says:

    Hi Viral,

    saw your reply on my blog a few days back. You write well have read some of your poems. I think I will keep coming here.



  2. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @grey rainbow

    Hi syaah, I’m glad you took time to stop by and skiim through. Thanks and do visit back!

  3. ritu bansal Says:

    nice gazal viral. its life and we have to face all that comes in our way. it is nice to share ur feelings and express in beautiful words. keep on writing as it will take all the pain from ur heart. with love

  4. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Long time, no see… hey?

  5. Rajesh Trivedi Says:

    ……. saans ruk jaane per kahan koi kuchh dekh pata hai dear…… jo kuchh theek karna hai, sambhalna hai, yeh saans ruk ne se pahle hi karna hai… anyways nice gazal

  6. mysoul Says:

    I loved words and the feeling and then I the last line got me thinking.. Kya Marna, Dawa Hai? What of those who are left behind, those who love without our knowledge that they do? Kya woh apne aapko sambhal payenge?

  7. roy Says:

    i agree with u viral………………
    neways great work!

  8. Viral Trivedi Says:


    We can feel and sense till we are alive. Once after life ends, our senses will end as well (considering the fact of not knowing wat happens after death).

  9. megha Says:

    hi viral!very nice poetry but l dont think that sans rukne ke baad kuch bhi sambhal sakta hai so agar sambhal sako to sans rukne k pekle hi sambhal lo

  10. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Reading from you for the first time… Welcome anyways!

    Now in reply to your comment, I would like say – “Of course, what happens after death is a mystery, not known. Hence, all that we have in our hands is the time until we arrive to die. And for all that we want to make a difference to (jo kuchh bhi sambhaal na hai), we just have as much time as life has in store for us. However, on the contrary, that line (the last line) in the poetry above means to say that, no matter as much one tries to do or undo things in life; regardless of those things happening or not, chahe hum marne se pehle cheezein sambhaal paye ya nahi, marne ke baad un sabhi cheezo ka anth ho hi jaata hai, hum un saare aadhe-adhure kaamo ko jaise hai vaise yahi chhod jaate hai, sab khud-ba-khud sambhal jaata hai, everything rests once after we rest in peace.”

    Hence, being an optimist, I will see such an end of our actions and deeds or virtues for that matter, as a settlement of done and undone things, lived or unlived moments, yaani ke sab apne aap sambhal hi jaata hai.

    That is what my line explains! To keep trying hard to perform till we stay alive, however, not be upset for anything that goes wrong, because finally, what exists today is for sure going to end one day in the future. That is how I plan to see it while it is the end of my life, be happy about how it went, be satisfied about what I could do and simultaneously not be distressed about the unfulfilled or unachieved ambitions, not be saddened for having had to meet with failures or relationship betrayals or friendship duplicities or any such thing for that matter.

    … ik baar saans ruk jaye, fir samjho sab kuchh sambhal gaya !!

    An optimist!

  11. megha Says:

    Hi Viral! Very nice explainatoin. One must be optimistic, I agree. l dont know whether you remember me or not, l’m your dad’s classmate. You were a child when l lastly saw you and now a grown up young boy; very happy to read your poetry.

  12. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Hiya aunty! Yes, I do remember you, hope you’re doing good as gold, hey! And I’m satisfied that my explanation helped you in understanding my viewpoint behind conceiving that line and that it has cleared out you misinterpretation. I’m glad as well that you came over to pay a visit here and enjoyed reading it through. Do visit back again. Take care!

    Best Regards.

  13. shiwani Says:

    i agree with u, and i c ur point of view… time is the best healer… stuff may seem like its at its worst at times, but as time passes, everything exists but as a mere memoir in the brain… and as the brain passes away, those traces are wiped out too… in a way, mending all the damages that had once been… once the brain ceases to hold those grudges and cherish those unpleasant times, samjho sab kuch samhal gaya!

  14. Viral Trivedi Says:

    @ shiwani

    I knew you’d agree… chaps… Thanks!

  15. Utsav Says:

    Dat was awsome…u rock!

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