Hi, I found some of these somewhere and few were my own products!

  • Why is it that something comes to our head only after we’ve left the house?

  • Why is it that the queues are huge when we are in a hurry?

  • 99 % of bollywood movies are flops, still, why dancing around the trees is such an important theme?

  • Why do we crave for things that we can’t get?

  • Why it is that the only time you don’t feel like working is the time when you’re in the office?

  • As they carry purses and not wallets, do pants for girls have to either have no pockets or have tiny ones?

  • Why is it that nothing comes to your head when you want it the most, and then five minutes after that, you will go, “Oh yes!”

  • Why is it that wrong numbers are never busy?

  • Do Air Deccan flights leave on time, precisely on the day when your taxi gets late?

  • Why is the third hand on the clock called as the “second” hand?

  • Why do we mostly have single centric points of view?

  • Why is it that when you’re looking for an address while driving, you turn down the volume of the music?

  • Why is lemon juice made of artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

  • Why and what would the world be like, with no hypothetical situations?

  • Do telephone companies, banks, and everybody-else-running-a-business-for-me ensure that their agents and customer service people never say the same things?

  • Why do deaf people not wear earmuffs, if blind do wear dark glasses?

  • Why do bars have parking lots, if you can’t drink and drive?

  • Why do they call it “chilli” if it’s hot?

  • Why do the signs that say “Slow Children” have a picture of a running child?

And lastly,

  • Why do ladies jeans have zips??


3 Responses to “WHY”

  1.   WHY by travel.ZapiZapi.com Says:

    […] only single centric points of view?· Why is it that when you’re … article continues at Viral Trivedi brought to you by travel and […]

  2. shiwani Says:

    funny, clever and witty!!!

  3. Rajesh Says:

    Quite real & funny ones, some are known and few are not known to people. The last one in particular is very funny. Carry on COLUMBUS…

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