I, to you, demand a day of recognition.
Millions murdered in the name of God
And I, in love, misunderstood as a fraud.
To be unpunished is to be un-forgiven, it seems
Like, to be great is to be misunderstood.

Judge me and I’ll prove you wrong,
Tell me what to do, I won’t tell you off
While I always do, but then when I cant do,
I’ll be the misunderstood.

I’ve never done any crime,
Never murdered you,
Yet again, I the cruel, I the evil,
I be punished, I be jailed
I be cursed, I be hated,
I, the un-forgiven,
I, the misunderstood!

Mistreated? Mismanaged?
Misplaced? Mislead?
You are the Miss-guided? You are the Miss-understood?
Yeah and of you I became the Misunderstood!

Stop pretending like you understand,
Because you don’t!
You never got me right
And u won’t until I’m dead.
How can you break?
My fucking heart and
Tell me you still love me.
Crush my emotions, sun-dry my tears
And assure me you’ll try to believe me?

Sometimes I just want to curl up and die
You pretend I’m a monster
I’m your devil’s man
I’m sick of writing my heart open to u
What could I do?
So I gave up!

My result is “misunderstood”
You the perfect, have the wrong image
Of who I am, I don’t have you
And I don’t have the trust of you.

The misunderstood and forgotten
Never believed and the un-forgiven
You’ve made out of me
A misunderstood jerk!

I hope I had someone,
You had the same one
He who would say to you for me,
“He’s just misunderstood”

My un-forgiven miseries shall never be understood
No, you actually won’t understand,
Because you don’t want to understand
There was this wrestle between you and me
Where the audiences were again just you and me
You played bighearted, honored me the award
Made me the recipient of “the misunderstood award”
I am the winner, the misunderstood and my feelings rejected
Unforgiving me never, for me, u selected

Your poor misunderstandings
Made me the poor misunderstood
Your grudged deep hatred
Made me deep un-forgiven

Fuck the world if they don’t understand
But as they say, never fuck a girl before she understands
Confused and lost,
I wonder why I feel so empty,
While I have all reasons to be so

“I fight only for myself
And love only myself”…
That’s what’s said
That makes me mad
Please leave me alone is what I say
Don’t misunderstand me is what I pray

Written of my love, I gave you a book,
You throw it, and I’m sure you make an easy look
Are you the one who UN-forgive me
Or are you too the un-forgiven by me

While it’s easy to forgive an enemy than a friend
It should be easy for you to, than me to forgive at the end
I lie, I steal, and I cheat
To U, that’s how I treat!

I’m an evil freak,
I’m the un-forgiven for you
But it’s me who’ll never forgive you
Mad, sad, confused
Indeed, you misunderstood

Oh lord please forgive,
Please make her want
What I can give
Behind your presumptions for me
Is everything you’ll never understand?
U never understood
How much I love you, coz
You chased to know why I love you!

The un-forgiven blends of your claims
Shall haunt me, you always wanted to
Use each occasion when you can
Abuse, misunderstand, complain & taunt me

My un-forgivable-s were not my crimes
My Inabilities and your perceptions,
Was what it took to chuck the good?
And bring in these tough times

And now you lay me down, you sleep
I pray to lord, my soul to keep
If I shall die before you wake
I pray to lord, my soul to take

It happens because you spend, I don’t?
If I had the chance, treating you like this, I won’t!


5 Responses to “YOU MADE ME A FOUL MOUTH”

  1. Shiwani Says:

    Bro, did you really write all that??????? i mean its so fkin awesome… i jus cant believe!!!

  2. Viral Trivedi Says:

    You’ve got to believe it baby…! And what’s awesome in it, hey? You find my frustration to be fookin awesome?

  3. Shiwani Says:

    yes its still awesome, cuz all frustrated ppl cant express themselves with such a clarity… and anyways, i know its imagination… which makes it even more better and proves u even more creative!

  4. Viral Trivedi Says:

    Dear Shiwani,

    Admiration to one’s creativity is never the cause
    Though in disguise of modesty, it strives for applause

    All worldly incentives when put together
    Shall fall short in aid to foregather

    An award is not requisite to be bead and quirk
    The gift here is someone’s comprehensive smirk

    With moments on move, while our lessons we accrue
    All I say is many o’ my special thanks to you !!

  5. Shiwani Says:

    that is flattering! thanks!!!

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