!! Know the Makeup – Learn the Character !!


I’m a content writer and an editor. While, writing of course transpires as my passion, gratifies my enthusiasm and lives up to be a zeal for me; inline with the same, it isn’t the first touch to my primary career focus; it has to be the secondary job. If I was to be biased towards pursuing the same as the major most of all secondary bustles, then the say here is “YES UNDOUBTEDLY!” it is indeed on top of the leisure interest list. While I would want to keep writing for an undivided whole of life, I would also want to be a division, a segment of my own self, a segment that is overruled and dominated by challenges, is electrifying and is bloody energetic, active. It being undeniable and there being no room to dispute for Creativity being my first love, whilst chasing to capture more and better and widening my individual ranges of functionality is a quest too. Well, then what is it that is the primary area of attraction in a precise manner? With being possessed by a fickly mind and wearing a wavering character, I recently have been able to discover and conclude strongly that system analysis and business development together form the area where I would desire my pursuit of career and growth to lie in. Why? The reason I suppose, is hidden behind my fascination towards the esteemed treatment that such profiles receive, the kind of responsibilities that are carried, the kind of discussions that are held, the way meetings are held, the kind of discussions that are taken up, the kind of insightful vision that plays role in being substantially essential, the kind of importance the projects and analysis carry, the kind of assignments that are taken and then delivered, the manner in which the project reports are prepared, the way in which there is this involvement of pressuring responsibility and preparation of project reports, the way presentations are geared up and this everlasting thrill of the presentation/project to be approved/discarded, the kind of dedication and research and study as it happens to be mandatory so as to succeed and deliver the best and keep striving always to deliver the better than even the best of best, the agony for the end result that is experienced once after the deliverables are freed, the challenges that come across, the same challenges that are taken up and accepted, the same challenges that are worked upon rigorously and while the problems that are faced which are overcome, the series of heaps of assignments one needs to drive and exert his/herself for day and night and the extra hours to be put in order to produce and make all the toil and drudgery a positive end result, the one after other in line business meetings that are a requisite, the conferences and attendances that are contained, the responsibility of the investments and the return of investments sitting on shoulders, the discussions where in one wins explaining and justifying his/her own points of vision and highlighting the way one sees the short/long term benefits, the risk factor comprised, the debating and conflicting on loophole matters that take place, finance and money matters involved, the way one has to and does co-ordinate with other businesses and colleagues for and with involving knowledge sharing and information capturing, the strong will that is caught up in accomplishing the targets, the implications, the drawbacks, the complications, ultimately the fruit and the flowers of the positive end result, the busy-busy schedules for every second of time, the way the fear of failing bothers one and one keeps on struggling to kill the fear and proceed further with an even boosted spirit, the way hopes are laid on one by the superiors and the overseers, the opportunity that encompasses to let one make known to all of his/her talents, the chance that is there that one can assure everyone of his/her abilities and capabilities, the way people get to know of one’s fortes and they gain confidence in his/her specialties and sphere of expertise, etc.

And ultimately, when one reaches the absolute destination with pride and added confidence accompanied by dignity, one makes it to the altitude where there are appreciation and rewards to receive which are complimentary to the success which involves both materialistic and non-materialistic substances. The profound satisfaction, sense of worth, gratification, honor, appreciation, applaud, recognition, newer and even more challenging tasks that you will receive then, all together when comprised brings to one, name & fame, growth in career, brightness in soul, self-confidence, reliability from others in one’s professionalism and vision, increase in self-respect, stronger and cheerful along with confident and moralistic conscience built, strengthened self and needless to say the real respect in all’s eyes, above all! 

I’m a writer. I write. Writing, creating ideas and concepts is what earns me my edibles. Writing is what I believe in to express myself efficiently. That profession of writing that I’ve been running behind to make me known for and which I have ultimately attained, hence enabling myself communicate and present myself in the most effective fashion. But at the same time in chorus, I also land on to such comparisons between profiles, activities and responsibilities. Comparisons those are not required actually. A comparison that adds not so good vibes but ironically kills the enthusiasm and probably one’s interest from what one is doing, leading him to a depressive state of psyche with a momentary disregard for his existing undertakings and accomplishments. Comparisons which are very obviously the infants of greed and unwanted-non-required wants that never end, rather keeps on increasing with time. Harmful, isn’t it? At the present moment in time, if I feel that my such a strong discovery to excel in the aforesaid field and that my latest desirability to be magnetized with what is relatively different than what is the prevailing core branch of functioning will achieve me everything and hence will be the end of my wavering mind, then I unavoidably require to correct my self-owned & believed understanding and need to renovate my thinking. Without stabbing the very right say of having a brighter and continuous vision ahead of success and growth with versatility as the equipment, I roar to spread the word that even the then achievement is not going to be sufficient. Because, that is the mentality, that is the human nature, that is how nature has created all of us, most of us to be specific and modest, also because there are exceptions and exclusions in what not but everything, everywhere, every time! The whole point lying under the podium on which I rest to say all that is said, is what? It is barely anything and everything. For the reason that writing is a showcase of one’s individualistic and personalized opinion, belief, estimation, thoughts & theory, brain wave, contemplation and is at times a reflection of the writer’s wannabe-attitude to showcase his/her wisdom and philosophy. That’s not just the all to talk, say and discuss though! 

Had I not had these thoughts so-captured to overflow out of my mind, I would have not been able to fill the white spaces of this page with black words representing my aspects, my ideas, my state of mind and my take on the dithering and irresolution that’s the crop of the season, where moment is embroidered as season out of exasperation; which I suppose could also be of many like me in their respective areas, manners and scope of thinking and not just me. There is still a lot more than what has been expressed, but all to express is simply not possible and congruently remains within. While I head towards wanting to end this memo and terminate to envelope my brainstorming into just this much of length, I fall down to fulfillment and I feel not contented but at least just-a-little away from gratifying myself for having my thoughts penned down though not all; I feel like, I’ve at least administered yet again to showcase the inner side which more or less goes concealed by one’s self. In any case, I get this feeling that if not everything in the whole lot is distributed with equality to importance, there is always no less than this method to impart and gain self-esteem in what one is doing. The example of profession chatted to converse with here above is just one thing. There are many such similar, big and small comparisons that all of us do in all aspects. We realize it at some point in time that we are not doing what we have wanted to do or what we can do, that we are capable and we have the talent to do other than, or more than, as a matter of fact, from what we are doing. In an intentional chase for what we don’t have, we unintentionally tend to lean on loosing hold of what we have. This applies to every segment of life, may it be relationships, profession, responsibilities, commitments, money, growth, career, happiness etc. One thing that I would want to underline which is very much important to know, understand and be followed is that it is of paramount necessity that no matter what one does, but to believe in and have confidence in how one does it is what counts and attracts the deserved rewards. Else, a salesman riding a bicycle door-to-door and selling washing powder would not have made up to be so respectfully known as The Dhirubhai Ambani and would have not proven a mark in an arena of various industries to establish the robust Reliance Group of Companies. Else, a handful group of friends supplying tiffins to service persons would not have made their name to be known as The Dabbawallah’s of Mumbai. Else, Bill Gates would have not been him; there are endless examples like such to honor.  

While the discovery of one’s hidden talents and using those in the direction that leads one to the paths of fate & success is the key, being filled with the confidence and urge to do everything within the boundaries of ethics befalls to be the key ring to hold the key. In due course and at the end of the day, there is nothing as in the world that ends brings an end to the world, and hence, it is important and requisite to be happy in life and ensure that whatever one does does it with purity and fullness. That’s all needed to be followed; that’s simply all! The last prose to finish is to be believe in fate & destiny only if/when efforts, endeavors and struggles do not back off because the mind no matter be wavering, but failure and harmless greed are the feet that will walk one to success, be the legs of happiness and fulfillment to stand firm hence. 

Remember, “Today is the very first day of the rest of my life. It’s the day to use as I will; I can make the best or make it a waste, let me be to let it be a gain and not loss, good and not evil, success and not failure. So let me keep away the wavering and distraction, be stable and just try once again and ever again, as I’ll never fail until I stop trying!”


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  1. Viral Trivedi Says:

    No bastard has the right to plagiarise this write up. It’s a copywritten work. So, if you do, you’ll find your ass torn, then!

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