The Child Within…


Dad, those were the days,
Those are now, the gone days

You loved, cared, scolded, gifted,
From a child to an adult, when I shifted

You pampered when required,
And gave me all that I desired

You bate to correct me,
And when I cried, u brought me a candy

To make me smile has always been
The purpose of all your doings, I’ve seen

Sitting on the tank, please take me for a bike ride
I’ll not urge for a chocolate, I promise to abide

As a child, I always thought
Every problem, you can sort

Like all other kids, that my father’s the macho man
You can do all… I know you still can

You’re the God, you’re the Guru and you’re the sun
You’re the face of all my success, you’re the reason I stood and run

You made me differentiate between the good and the evil
You carved in me, the principles that I live with

I once again feel like re-living my childhood
When you’ll surpass it selflessly, when I show up rude

With moments on move our lessons we accrue
All I say is many o’ my special thanks to you

At last, I announce it loud
That I’ll make you feel proud
I definitely will, papa….

Mummy, for you I can’t put my heart open in words,
Because it would be such a great injustice to do so,
You’re my creator,
You gave me life and brought me into existence,
I owe to peel off the deepest layer of my skin for you
I would still fall short to show my respect and love for you.
You are simply inexpressible!
On top of all, you gave me a great friend, a companion for lifetime, a beautiful little sister….


10 Responses to “The Child Within…”

  1. Ritu Bansal Says:

    Wowwwww! grt expressions, Viral. I’m really impressed with your talent. Lucky parents… God Bless!

  2. Rajesh Says:

    Hi, This is your dad speaking…

    Hello my little boy, you’ll always be a child, a little child for mom n dad! Even as you grow up young and older, you’ll always remain a small kid 4 both of us. Thanks for sparing your imagination and writing ability to flow for a while in the direction of the childhood and olden days. It felt good and proud to read it! Son, our blessings and prayers for you will forever be to THE GOD ALMIGHTY and we thank Him for giving us you and your sis. Nice blog, indeed. Blessings!

    Love – mom n dadu

  3. Viral Trivedi Says:


    I’m grateful to be appreciated. But satisfaction is more that I achieve as my work is liked by my readers. In fact, it’s not just to me, but it stands true till my belief that for any artist, expression of thoughts is the intent, and when the way of expression receives appreciation, it implies that the thoughts behind have been accepted to likelihood. And that’s all that a reality/imaginative writer like me befalls to await. Special Thanks!


    Be there always… It gives strength!

  4. Shiwani Says:

    all i have to say is that, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

  5. Shiwani Says:

    you know how much!

  6. KD JAIN Says:


    – bakwas

  7. Viral Trivedi Says:

    Mr./Ms. KD Jain,

    Thanks for your feedback, do visit back to throw more criticism as you may feel like. I respect your perception as well!


  8. kiloutimuk Says:


    I am really excited. Keep up the great work. Good resources here.


  9. mysoul Says:

    :). I am wishing every child felt the way you do about their parents…

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