Just like a book, Filled with Chapters

Vague yet so clear, Deep with no end

Two people in one… One happy, one sad,

Two sides of me, One mad and one glad

There’s only one side, I try to let show;

My feelings inside, The others don’t know.

I’m two people in one, As strange as that sounds,

The real me inside, No one has found.

I strove with none, for none was worth my strife.

Nature I loved and next to nature, the art to love;

I warmed both hands before the fire of life;

It sinks, and I’m ready to depart from love.

Accept me as I am – I have no guarantee.

A claim to perfection I have not, Perfect I cannot be.

I, like you…… am human, Prone to mistakes

Failure is not a character flaw, Just a part of the human makeup,

I live, I laugh and I also learn, My knowledge is incomplete,

I’m searching all the time, In waking hours as well as sleep;

I have a long road to travel, As well as you do;

We learn our lessons on the way, Wisdom we shall accrue.

Accept me as I am, Because I am…….. Me

And you are you.

It is my only guarantee,

No one like me in the world, nor no one like you.


7 Responses to “Me!”

  1. Pooja Says:

    AMAZING ONE!!!!!!!

  2. Ritu Bansal Says:

    Hi Viral,

    Read your poems, found them to be wonderful and deep. I liked each line and each expression of this poem, specifically. Keep on writing . God bless you!

  3. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Hey poo, how’s u..
    Keep visiting and your’re free to criticise as well, with feasibility though!


    Thanks, again ma’m! And I will keep wiriting. Keep visiting.

  4. Shiwani Says:

    “It is my only guarantee,

    No one like me in the world, nor no one like you.”

    — where do you get that imagination from, to put such basic ideas into plain simple words to make them look like something really striking… like it neva existed before!!!

  5. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Imaginations are thoughts that have roots somwhere within your ownself, meaning – self gained experiences, and these experiences can be complete and exact situations you might have ever faced or that you have just had a tangential strike of a little similar sort some time; and you then chose to let that strike invade you deeply to let it be thought upon more. Or, it could be clearly an insightful vision gaining you access into your surroundings. sebsequently, to envelope all that I said, it is simply based on a matter of experience or observation or else, just your plain imganitive character. Words are made use of to give shape to whatever it be. You just need look within or look around!

  6. Shiwani Says:

    that’s the whole point… ppl like me would look within and look around, reality still doesnt strike that much as it does when someone like you puts it into poetry and someone like me reads it as a barren truth!

  7. Viral Trivedi Says:

    That is what proves that God too has a taste in variety and diversity… in the context of how all people are different and distinct from all others in some or the other way. If some one like me has got the ability to poke nose in such unseen bare matters, someone like you has some other set of aptitude and flair. After all, it is by virtue of multiplicity that this world is filled with so many differences in all ways… However, with the happy feel behind having such assortment, there also is an undoubted catch of conflicts which again arise from the same existence of multiplicity.


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