“As long as we hope…”


I live in hope, sweet hope.

And I'm graced, such joy I found!!

Thy honey odours yet does me surround,

Thy Ruby lips like rain wrenched passion flowers,

Thy blushing cheeks like blooming roses,

Thy lucent eyes with velvet shield out spread,

Thy body indeed, as a metaphor to which, even silk is grass and satin is rash....!!! LATE did u come, why? Late did u come, why!! Flowers......enemy...... I don’t seek no trust... no more....no happiness!!

Life looks in motion, time is in full fledge passing away through its way..,

Passing away, the night is too!!

Now that u got late, I plead, I curse, I wish, I worry.......,

Didn't you have not come? Not come to me at all?

Life went on....could go on... could pass on lonely..... Not so lonely though, if your persona had not been such bliss,

Thy beauty, Thy touch, Thy smell, Thy breadth..... I can feel it all over me yet..!

Death, now it seems to me... & to you?

Thought, I was so happy before; Then, Thought I got you,

I became happier then after.

In not time, I think now, Will I be happy again like I was with you?

I wish and wonder now, will you make me happy again? Will I make you happy again? Will God make us happy again?????

Will you come back again?? Back to me again…………??

With the same bliss of you persona....will you bring back time again??

Answer me... talk to me my love....  Thy voice I ask to;  

Thy smile, I die to see;

For you honey; I sit and wait like a honey bee... 

I wake up at night, sit at the window and keep wandering far till my eyes can see.....but I don’t see u!!

I wish that I could find myself wherein I, the devotee in mine,  My small self, could wander everywhere and hunt for you.... 

Could roam in search of you; everywhere... 

Deserts and forests......skies and seas.....everywhere!

Coz I know, but I know, Thou is gone, Thou is not around,  

Thou, who’s gone far away, where distance plays the enemy;

I can’t search for you; I know where you are...!! 

You are there...... but you are here too.... 

Your soul lies in me.. I hold it in my heart with all care and love like before... like always... and I will, endlessly!

But so many constraints lie in between..

Still I hope... and I live in hope, sweet beautiful hope!

I shall live in hope..


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