Like I’ve been always failing to pass
I failed again, alas!
Before I do, it goes done,
I follow it fast to catch up with, but backwards I run.

My misfortune hands me worried anxiety
He is not with me, The Almighty
Every time I strive to clear the mess,
What I achieve is downward progress

Like before, I stabbed to not give u trouble
But once again I gave u a chance to scruple
Again was I unheard and misunderstood
Unjust was not u, it was the preclude that was rude

Before you have me disqualified,
I moan, please dredge up the buried memories
When in your arms, I had cried,
Don’t then ever blame, that I hadn’t sighed,
To not untie the knot of “us” that we had tied

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3 Responses to ““Again…””

  1. Rajesh Says:

    “Life is an exam, you may fail, and only if you fail, you will pass one day. So keep on trying.” It’s good!

  2. Ritu Bansal Says:

    That’s really nice again, Viral. I’ve become a big fan of ur poetry. Keep on writing!

  3. Viral Trivedi Says:


    Truly said… “To fail is not loose, but to fail and then not try again till you win is definitely a loss of life!


    I’m honored!

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